Februar 19, 2012
“As soon as a show is confirmed, let the publicist know via e-mail. Communicate. If you won an award, are collaborating with someone famous, tell your publicist. If you’re planning a charity event, plan the event with your publicist. How it should be named, who are the priority acts are on the bill. Send your publicist any extra thoughts related to the event, keep the publicist up-to-date. I worked a concert that was one of those once-in-a-lifetime events. After the event was a critically-acclaimed success, I heard from two musicians that a special guest was not happy with how the show was billed. All through the campaign I had sent him e-mails and also private messages through his Facebook page about the press release, but had never heard from him. So don’t be disappointed in the marquee if you don’t communicate either in the beginning or as the work progresses.”

Es gibt Dinge, die kann man Musikern nicht oft genug sagen…

What Publicists Need From Musicians – Guest Post by Anne Leighton - MTT - Music Think Tank